• 100% Cloud - No Software, No Hardware:
    The SmartLattice.com Hosted Cloud is delivered as an online service with no software or hardware requirements. Design, develop and deliver all aspects of your SmartLattice business applications from within a standard web browser. No need to worry about operating systems, upgrades, monitoring, etc. All aspects of the underlying infrastructure are taken care of for you so you can focus on your business.

  • Custom Branding :

    • Your Platform Name:
      Replace SmartLattice with your company or platform name throughout the product

    • Your Logos:
      Replace SmartLattice logos with your branding throughout the platform

    • Custom Login Page:
      Host your own login page. Let your users login via your website rather than SmartLattice.com.

  • Minimum Vendor Lock-in:
    SmartLattice applications are fully described as XML and as such can be easily migrated to any of your preferred platforms.