Significantly reduce your time to market ,in some cases by 90%.

More Focus on your core business needs.

White label solutions :

  • Your Platform Name:
    Replace SmartLattice with your company or platform name throughout the product

  • Your Logos:
    Replace SmartLattice logos with your branding throughout the platform

  • Your Domain:
    Run the entire platform on your own domain. Use an existing domain (SmartLattice will not interfere with your website) or a new one


  • Minimum Vendor lock-in :
    SmartLattice applications are fully described as XML and as such can be easily migrated to any of your preferred platforms.

  • Intellectual Property:
    The intellectual property of all your applications resides with you. You have the ability to extract the business design in a highly readable and portable XML format. You are no longer tied down to a single platform and can shift to any other cloud platform that supports XML.

  • Significant cost-savings:
    Cost saving could be as high as 70% depending on exact requirements.