The SmartLattice PSP Program allows you to start building applications for free, on our servers or yours.

All PSP can sell applications built on SmartLattice to new markets or their existing markets and users. .

Program Features

  • Free Developer Account:
    All PSP partners receive a free developer account from which to build and publish their applications.

  • Free Promotion :
    SmartLattice will promote your application on it's website and announce its' availability in a press release for additional visibility.

  • Partner Logo :
    Display a certified partner logo on your website giving customers confidence that your application is powered by proven SaaS technology


  • Customizable Platform Name :
    Replace the SmartLattice product name throughout the entire platform with your own product, platform or company name.

  • Automatically Provisioned Free Trials:
    PSP can now offer automatically-provisioned free 30 day trials of any of their applications through dedicated pages on their websites. This includes the ability to customize and brand automated emails sent from the system.

  • Free Application Development Help:
    SmartLattice provides significant development help and advice to Premium Partners helping to bringing applications from idea to finished product.