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Campus Management

Students Admission Highlights

Workspace View

Workspace View of the Dashboard.

Admission Analysis

Admission Analysis based on joining places

Academic Year wise Enrolment Analysis

Semester and Section wise students strength.

Sub Report of Academic Yearwise Enrolment Analysis

Lists out all the students in that section and futhter drilldown Sub Reports of each student like Attendance,University Results,Mid Sem Results can be viewed.

Timetable Highlights

Timetable Assignment

Semester wise matrix.
Attendance Highlights

Consolidated Attendance

Section wise consolidated attendance report

Examination Highlights

CGPA Report

CGPA Report with Pending Exams and SGPA's.

Mid Sem Report

Examination and Attendance Details in Mid Sem Report.

Subject Wise Examination Analysis Report

Analysis Across Different Academic Year.
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Smart Lattice
Complete Automation of Deemed University with more than 1000 staff and more than 10,000 students.
Campus ERP, GIET.
Multi Branch School automation involves Fee Management,Point of Sales,HR and Payroll Management,Transport and Fleet Management.
Multi Branch School ERP, Ladders
To manage Millions of Documents and automating corresponce with technical organizations and universities.
eSmart Office,UGC

SmartLattice’s Online Database is offered on a robust platform specially designed for Software-as-a-service offerings. Since 2004, hundreds of users used our capabilities to solve their intrinsic problems and streamline business processes or even offering their software solutions.