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Service and Distribution ERP

Sales Management


FE/Domestic based Quotations.Followup Driven Process

Order Profile

Confirmed customer orders into Order profile


Employee Wise

Sales Sheet


Commercials Management

Stock Ledger

Stock Ledger.

Delivery Chalan

DC/RDC to Customer

Customer Invoice

Invoice to Customer

Order Confirmation

Customers Terms and Conditions for Purchase Process

Purchase Order

Purchase Order based on Material Check
Services Management

Complaint Register

Activity estimated start and completion dates are set. Activity completed date is updated.

Warranty/Non Warranty

Gantt chart to give project progress on time access.

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Expert Help

Our Experts provides personal support to help your succeed.

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Self-Service Resources

Quick answers to questions using our in-depth resources.

  • Complete software documentation
  • Forum access to user community (soon...)
  • Online videos
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Let us help build your database applications for you.

  • Professional consultation on custom applications.
  • Complete data migration services.
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SmartLattice’s Online Database is offered on a robust platform specially designed for Software-as-a-service offerings. Since 2004, hundreds of users used our capabilities to solve their intrinsic problems and streamline business processes or even offering their software solutions.